ZenOffice and the Art of Managed Print Services

What’s an often overlooked way to cut costs in your office?

Document printing – and its associated supplies, maintenance and service.

A Managed Print Service (MPS) can deliver significant cost savings – up to 30% no less!

MPS is much more than just cost savings though.
It also frees you up for all those other important things like sales, marketing, billing
or customer service. Tasks that you and your colleagues can now focus on instead
of wasting time, energy and money on document management and printing issues.

Then there are the environmental benefits that an effective MPS offers.
The paper and toner savings, the power savings, reduced carbon production
and landfill waste.

Money, time and resources – All easy wins if you know how.
At ZenOffice MPS – We know how.

So let us enlighten you on the art of a managed print service in your organisation.