7 ways to be more productive in 2018

So January is finally over and we’re starting to get into the swing of things – it’s that time when we all make big promises to ourselves to be more organised, productive and efficient in the coming year.

But in order to make these goals a reality, you need more than just wishful thinking or hazy resolutions. You need solutions to help.

Here are seven tools that can help both you and your team be more productive in 2018:

1. Day-by-day
Start off by printing out a 2018 calendar for your office. You can download a calendar template from several options, including year-at-a-glance calendars that give you the full overview and monthly calendars that offer plenty of room to write on. These professionally designed calendars can be customized with important dates for your business, like deadlines or annual meetings.

2. Hour-by-hour
Once you’ve got a calendar for the big picture, drill down into the details by using a monthly, daily or weekly planner. Xerox has planner templates in a variety of styles and designs. If you frequently start off the New Year energised by a new planner system, only to drop it halfway through February, choosing a planner design you enjoy looking at will make you more likely to actually use it.

3. What to do?
You’ll have one less “to-do” on your plate when you create a plan for each day with Xerox’s To Do List templates. With space for tasks as well as notes, goals and appointments, they make it easy to see everything you want to accomplish at one glance. Bonus: You can choose from several attractive and colourful designs, including a customisable version.

4. Team spirit
Now that you’ve got yourself organised, what about helping the whole team be more productive? Most businesses waste a lot of time on meetings, and Xerox’s customisable Meeting Templates can help make meetings more efficient. You’ll find agenda templates, meeting minutes templates and action item templates in both Word and PDF formats. Project lists will help you identify specific tasks, goals and deadlines for projects that involve multiple people and/or departments. Now, everyone can leave the meeting knowing exactly what their next steps are.

5. Personal best
Help your staff achieve their full potential this year with Xerox’s downloadable Personal Development Plan. Employees can use the questionnaire to assess their own strengths, weaknesses and goals, and then develop a plan for improvement. This is a great tool to use in conjunction with your employees’ annual reviews or to help with employee development.

6. Proud to present
Are you and your team preparing for a big presentation? Save time by using Xerox’s templates for PowerPoint presentations and flowcharts. You’ll be able to focus on the substance of your presentation, instead of wasting time fussing with fonts and colours. Plus, since they’re professionally designed, you can feel confident that your final presentation will impress the client.

7. Dealing with documents
Now that you’ve streamlined your personal and team productivity, what about dealing with the data your business uses every day? Managing documents eats up hours of valuable time at the average office. Reclaim some of that time by using Xerox ConnectKey-enabled multi-function printers (MFPs) to automate repetitive tasks such as filing documents or saving files to the right folders. Just set up an app on the MFP to automate workflows, such as routing scanned documents to the appropriate place or person at the touch of a button.

Becoming more productive is every small business owner’s Holy Grail. You can’t add more hours to your day, but by taking advantage of helpful tools, you can wring more out of every hour you have.

Set yourself up for success by contacting our friendly and experienced managed print professionals for tips and tools that will help you start 2018 on the right foot.