75% of offices print every day, but do they know how much they’re spending?

Most businesses print every day, but are not fully aware of how much they are spending on document management and amid this setting, the popularity of MPS is increasing.

One aspect of managing IT costs that many firms overlook is printing expenses. Perhaps it’s too much of an everyday event to register on the radar but according to CompTIA research, almost 75% of offices print every day.

The same research found many businesses expect to maintain or increase their level of printing and scanning, but few of them know how much they spend on document management – some executives even believed printing was free or extremely low cost.

In reality, the cost of printing per employee is more than they know.

It’s against this backdrop that managed print services (MPS) is becoming widely adopted by vendors and channel partners as a means for customers to manage print costs. Many firms are still wasting money through inefficient processes and diverse and ageing printers, and this is often because they do not realise what can be done to cut costs and update workflow using the new generation of small-footprint, more energy-efficient devices.

A managed service helps businesses buy printers, supplies, maintenance and support in an all‑inclusive ongoing contract.

Offering MPS is just the start, and can evolve into a managed document service where customers can streamline their document workflow for quicker and easier archiving, retrieval and sharing across the organisation within a highly secure infrastructure.

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Via Microscope, 2014  – http://www.computerweekly.com/microscope/feature/Stop-the-press-Managed-print-services-becoming-sought-after