Technology is the key to success. We now hear this mantra more frequently than ever; from our Government to large consultancy firms and business gurus – they all tell us that a forward-thinking use of technology is the catalyst for success.

In the past five years, technological developments have accelerated at an unbelievable pace. New solutions to common business problems emerge almost constantly. As a result, the paradox of choice has kicked in and many businesses are left asking, ‘In a world which doesn’t stand still, how do we identify and implement a scalable technology solution which supports our long term growth strategy?’

Thanks to the development of new applications, the answer to this frequently asked question now lies in the hands of a managed print service.

In alignment with the wider tech industry, managed print services is maturing, and its value now reaches far beyond cost savings and device consolidation. A strategically oriented MPS solution can now add important value across a spectrum of operational processes. For example, by supporting the integration of digitised workflows, process optimisation, regulatory compliance and remote working, managed print services now have the capability to create a business-wide impact which drives efficiency and productivity.

So we’ve been focusing our energies on the exciting challenge of keeping pace with MPS industry and our customers evolving needs. As well as offering a broader range of applications, we’ve transformed the way we think about our service and take a value based approach.  We work in partnership with our clients to understand their strategic goals, and look expertly at how machines, systems and software can be deployed and coordinated to underpin their growth strategy and have a truly transformative business impact.

Watch our animated Tangle Teezer case study to find out how our new value based approach could help you align your technology strategy with your growth objectives.