Corporate Social Responsibility

No company is an island. The sum of our staff, our suppliers, neighbours and environment we take our role as a responsible member of the local community very seriously.

As we grow, it’s important that we work to benefit those around us. So we look at every aspect of our business, the improvements we can make and how every day we can keep on improving and contributing.

Our Customers

Honesty is everything. It’s a non-negotiable. No honesty, no trust, no customers, no ZenOffice. It’s a simple enough equation.

That’s why we are absolutely committed to attracting, retaining and deepening our customer relationships with a perfectly transparent approach to business. Honesty reflected in excellent customer experience through value, quality and service.

But top quality service doesn’t stand still. Only by listening to our customers, researching our industry, exploring product developments and monitoring our competitors can we continually give you the very best. So that’s what we do.

Complaints? Yes please. If we don’t know we’re doing something wrong we can’t remedy it. They help us improve. We take all customer complaints seriously and have a dedicated Customer Complaints Policy.

Our Suppliers

More partners than suppliers. That’s why we’re so committed to making sure that we’re only selling responsibly sourced products and that they enforce proper employment, health and safety, and environmental practices. It’s also why all suppliers must, at a minimum, be working towards recognised quality management standards, ISOs (International Organization for Standardization) for example.

Once we’ve established value for money, quality, reliability and service, we meet them face-to-face to see how their business operates. Knowing how our suppliers work gives us a much better sense of how they can benefit both you and us.

Once on board we put together efficient purchasing, stock control and payment systems and draw up Service Level Agreements to ensure reliability and quality are consistent.

Our Environment

It’s a beautiful world. We do our best to keep it that way. That’s why we make every effort to reduce our impact on the environment and to promote good environmental practice.

We’re registered with the Carbon Trust and our Environmental Policy considers all aspects of our business activities and those of our suppliers.

Read more on our environmental considerations.

Our Community

As a proud member of our local community, we continually strive to make a positive contribution to the world around us. We recognise by investing in and supporting our communities, we can help to build a more economically and environmentally sustainable society.

Our community contributions include:

  • Always considering local suppliers wherever possible.
  • Supporting local charities.
  • Supporting the personal charitable endeavours of our employees.

This year we are currently committed to the following CSR activities: