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Without you, we’re nothing. It’s a simple fact of business life. And there’s nothing that says ‘great business’ more than great customer service. That’s why everything we do is singularly focused on giving you the very best service possible.

And while it’s easy to talk great customer service. Delivering it is another matter altogether.

Here’s what we do to make sure our service is always above and beyond…

Xerox technical services and support

If you have a serving or fault issue then speak with Xerox Technical Services and Support.

We have a number of dedicated Xerox Portals that you can contact:

Fleet Management Portal:
Xerox website:

Or via the following telephone numbers:

  • For managed Xerox devices – 0370 850 7832
  • For un-managed Xerox devices – 0370 900 5501

Click here for more information on Xerox Customer Services.

Watch the Xerox customer services delivery video:

ZenOffice MPS help desk
If you need to speak to someone directly at ZenOffice MPS:

Telephone: 0345 123 2987

ZenOffice MPS customer service
It’s a service society. You demand the best and you deserve the best. If we let you down you’ll go elsewhere. We understand that. And that’s why we do everything in our power to give you an exceptional customer service experience. To uphold our promises.

Account management
25 years’ experience working alongside Xerox and 4 ½ million prints managed per month tells you that when it comes to Account Management, you can trust us to know exactly what we’re doing.

Our account management team provides:

  • Account reviews – when you need them. Where you need them
  • Management information to suit your specific business needs. We use the Xerox BI System to analyse the data that’s important to you. For more information Click here
  • Proactive and preventative device analysis. We’ll spot issues before they even occur and use that information to plan ahead
  • Ongoing support from our Help Desk alongside Xerox’s Customer Service Department

Xerox customer service – strength in numbers
The best numbers in the business.

Did you know, Xerox engineers complete over UK 1000 visits every day?

Every customer receives an engineer estimated arrival time within 30 minutes of their call hitting our service systems.

During 2014 Xerox achieved an 85% success rate for first time fix and an average response time of 3.5 hours.

Global ‘facebook’ software keeps all engineers talking and sharing issues, experiences and fixes.

Xerox engineers carry a comprehensive parts supply in their vans but if the part you need is not on board, they are backed up by an efficient network of 27 Xerox stores and drop off points around the UK.

A spare parts escalation process for anything out of the ordinary, means that 100% of spare parts can be obtained overnight from either the Xerox National Superstore in Bermondsey, London or our European Parts Centre is based in Venray, Netherlands.

Xerox have State of the Art Technology monitoring usage patterns to ensure the right parts are in the right place at the right time.