It’s not a ‘who’, but a ‘what’ is Marc B…

As managed print service providers we all look to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

It’s a given that any managed print service provider will look to reduce their clients’ costs. So to stand ourselves apart, we deliver benefits that are ‘outside of the box’. Well….sort of.

It’s no secret that ZenOffice partner with Xerox, arguably the world leaders in the print industry. Let’s look at what you get straight ‘out of the box’ and as standard with the Xerox equipment we supply as part of our managed print services – MARC-B.

  • MacAfee as standard. Networked printing devices are computers, so they need protection. Xerox have this covered.
  • Application defaults. Set standardised print criteria for specified document types. For example, automatically print all PowerPoint slides single-sided in colour, and all Word documents double-sided in black and white.
  • Remote control panel. Real time access for IT support to be able to access the screen on a Xerox device and see what the end-user is seeing. They can take control to make adjustments, set something up or simply talk the user through the problem.
  • Colour by words. Colour on screen doesn’t always look like the colour you print. Images can often appear looking greener than you thought, or not as red as you’d hoped. With this handy feature you can adapt your print-outs to include ‘less green’, or ‘more red’…whatever you feel it requires.
  • Bi-directional print. Your PC communicates in real time with the printer, letting you know when a document has been printed or if there’s a problem. This saves you from going back and forth, and continually pressing the print button for it all to come out at once! I’m sure we’ve all been there.

Quite simply we address the issues most commonly faced by businesses as part of our standard offer, rather than selling them as additional bolt-ons.

Plus we don’t promise the world and fail to deliver, we simply look to manage your expectations based on transparent and open communication. Our clear and honest contracts deliver what is agreed, and you are only billed for what you use. There is no commitment to minimum volumes and never any hidden fees.

Next week, I’ll be posting information about Xerox Connect Key, and the powerful applications that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business.  Watch this space…

Scott Walker, Head of Business Development at ZenOffice Managed Print Services