Is your small business still weighed down by paper?

Are you thinking about introducing automated processes in your business? If so, you share common ambitions with 71% of business leaders who responded to Xerox’s latest survey, Digitisation at Work. Their reasons are probably the same as yours too. Respondents told Xerox they expected process automation to result in cost reduction, greater agility, improved document security and greater speed of productivity / service.

The same report also found as many as 70% of the businesses that responded were mostly or completely paper based across their processes – meaning they have a long way to go to reach their digital ambitions.

The reason? Businesses are struggling with the initial analysis phase of the digitisation process. A lack of understanding of their paper use and document flow is preventing companies from formulating automated processes that truly work for them.

If this too sounds like a familiar scenario, it’s likely that your business could benefit from better print analytics.

By analysing employee print habits you can see hidden opportunities for digitisation, where paper use is unnecessarily high. Without such insight, all you can do is guess at the best candidates for process digitisation or workflow automation. And guesses are never as reliable as well-analysed data.

The ZenOffice Managed Print Services (MPS) team have been helping businesses achieve their digital ambitions for many years. In addition to helping you assess and analyse your current print and process state, they can work with you formulate winning automated processes that optimise efficiency and productivity.

So why not get in touch to find out how ZenOffice MPS can help catalyse your digitisation plans?