Our Approach

Want to save money? Automate document workflows? Print on the move? Who doesn’t?

Take control of your document processes with a simple, proven, four-step approach.

Your roadmap to document management freedom:

1. Assess

As they say… you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Time to take a measurement. At the outset it’s important to establish a crystal clear understanding of the good, the bad and the indifferent within your printing environment.

The ZenOffice MPS assessment includes the following:

User analysis

Who needs what, where, when? What requirements are currently being met and what need to be met? We’ll reach out to users, collate their feedback and gather their opinions.

Procedures analysis

Highlight any problems in toner replacement procedures, servicing and training.


Check the number of print, copy, scan and fax devices. Collate device information such as make, model, serial numbers, install dates, age, location and floor plans and meter readings.

Set up and maintenance costs

Identify lease commitments, depreciation costs, parts and labour costs and toners. Additionally we will look at any outsourced print, copy or scanning and any third party fees such as helpdesk or service costs.

Usage rates

Establish the ratio of black and white versus colour print jobs, jobs printed internally and externally, the number of pages per job, ratio of devices to users etc.

Energy consumption

Check the current energy consumption of each device and provide further consumption details at department, location and organisational level.

2. Design

Time to plan. The design of your business ‘Future State’ is a collaborative process. Every feature of your print environment including often overlooked aspects such as bills or review formatting is tested before agreement is reached.

A detailed plain English roadmap delivers clear advice on how you can get from where you are now (wishing you could cut costs and boost efficiency) to where you want to be – more efficient, more cost effective and and more environmentally friendly.

We might recommend a ‘transitional’ journey where we manage your existing fleet. It might be a ‘transformational’ recommendation where we suggest new hardware and/or software. Either way you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business, safe in the knowledge that your printing fleet will be operating at maximum efficiency and supported by experts.

3. Implement

When it comes to implementation including removals, networking and training, our many years of experience and expertise guarantees you with unbeatable business support and managed print service.

4. Manage

Your print management is automated and will include:

  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Supplies tracking and ordering
  • Ordering and usage monitoring
  • Head of Customer Services
  • Remote monitoring and service desk
  • Proactive incident management and supplies replenishment
  • Managed consumables, service desk, consolidated invoicing and reporting.

The reason many businesses have used ZenOffice over the last 40 years?

Simple: Because we get results.

The truth about your document management.

Find out with our Xerox funded print assessment.

Hardly a surprise; unmanaged print can be expensive. In fact, research carried out by InfoTrends state most companies spend up to 6% of annual revenues on print and output activities. With most organisations underestimating their print spend by between 30% and 40% (based on a Newfield IT evaluation of 70,000 devices across the UK); here are some real annual costs of unmanaged print per employee by sector:

  • Legal – £720
  • Financial Services – £600
  • Pharmaceutical – £450
  • Government – £450
  • Education – £320
  • Manufacturing – £230

How much do you really spend on your printing? Where can you making savings AND improve the quality and efficiency of your print and copy environment?

We’ll tell you.

Chances are you’d be amazed how much your digital printing is really costing you and how much more cost effective and efficient your document management could be.

Comprehensive Print Assessment.

Did you know that on average IT and support staff spend 120 hours per annum on printer related issues. ICM Research.

An expensive, avoidable waste. Are you wasting time and money too?

Find out with a Comprehensive Print Assessment that will show you how to increase print productivity, workflow efficiencies and compliance.

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