Q&A with MPS Key Account Director, Damien Evans, on the benefits of Zen Enterprise+

We sat down with Damien to find out what frequently asked questions he gets from his customers. Here’s just a few questions and answers on Zen Enterprise+

Do we have different account managers for the different partner solutions within Zen Enterprise+?

You have a non-sales Account Manager who will manage your account on a day to day basis for all solutions. Your Account Manager works in conjunction with the Sales Manager to provide you the best solution possible. This will probably entail them bringing in technical specialists with the correct expertise depending on what you were looking to achieve.

Do we have to implement each element of Zen Enterprise+ all in one go?

Absolutely not, we only provide solutions, goods or services that will make a difference to an organisation, be that operational, security or financial improvements. This can be as a one-off or as a staged process. During our reviews, we will look at what you want to achieve, perceived gaps or things that will make a maximum impact, then with our advice you can choose what suits your business.

We have an existing contract with ZenOffice. Can any of these services be added to our existing contract?

Yes, we are more than happy to look at doing this and add to your periodic bills.

We don’t currently deal with ZenOffice but I like several of the services you are offering, is it possible to have more than one offering/solution on the same contract?

Yes, we have flexible contracts that allow you to add products or services to them, these can purchase orders, leasing contract or service and maintenance contracts.

Will these services help us to become more GDPR compliant?

Definitely. All of our solutions within Zen Enterprise+ give a massive tick in the GDPR compliance box. This can be from secure cloud hosted solutions, the secure removal of IT hardware, to ultimate compliance of destroying used or unwanted paper documents.