Office Solutions

Your multifunction printer may already print, copy, scan and fax. But when you add software solutions to the equation, you’ll multiply your efficiency and productivity.

Simplify and automate your everyday work, better manage your information, improve document security, reduce your environmental impact (ISO14001), and get the most out of your Xerox hardware investment.

Our consultative approach ensures you chose solutions which will help you to:

  • understand and refine business processes
  • eliminate your business pain points
  • enhance your business offering to your customers
  • protect your business
  • enhance your competitiveness

Solutions are available from Xerox and our numerous Business Innovation Partners. Search below to find a software solution that will best meet the needs of your business.

Print Accounting and Security – Click on this heading to reveal the below copy.

With Gartner suggesting that an independent print assessment may save a company up to 40%, Print Management is a critical consideration for all organisations.Along with cost, security of sensitive information is of equal importance. Slip-ups can be very expensive, whether it be from a damaged corporate reputation or governing body fine, i.e. ICO.
ZenOffice MPS has Print Management Solutions for all organisations. Whatever the size, the cost savings will be obvious very quickly and data security immediately increased to levels required by compliance regulations.

  • Reduce printer and/or multi-function device numbers.
  • Centralised Management, one point of administration for all users and devices.
  • Intelligent Printing influences users to choose duplex, colour or mono print choices.
  • Dramatically reduce paper and toner usage. Print rules direct jobs to the most suitable device.
  • Confidential Secure Printing, Pull printing allows only the original user to view prints and stops sensitive information from waiting to be collected from the print tray.

Mobile Solutions – Click on this heading to reveal the below copy.

Mobile Print Solutions can help when:

  • Your workforce is traveling or dispersed across office, home and public workspaces.
  • Employees need to print directly from their mobile devices without a lot of steps or effort.
  • Mobile workers need to maintain document quality or security.
  • You want to improve productivity of your mobile workforce with minimum impact on IT resources.
  • You want to embrace the “always-on” workplace instead of being frustrated by it.

With a Mobile Print Solution, employees stay productive wherever they are, and documents stay secure.

A mobile print app locates printers within a public print network using GPS and maps, and securely sends the print job to that location.

Mobile print enhancements are available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices. It will integrate with Secure Card Readers and Follow You printing for unified user experiences. Additional enhancements include web page printing, media selection, global deployment and many document types.

Flexible delivery models minimise IT impact. ZenOffice MPS can deploy and manage either on premises or via the cloud.

For more information on the Xerox Mobile Print solution, click here.

Document Scanning – Click on this heading to reveal the below copy.

Did you know that there are high costs associated with each paper document that you file? Think for a moment about how many paper documents your office handles and files on a daily basis. With our document scanning solutions, you can reduce your costs and overcome information overload by making documents easy to find and share. When you use document scanning with your Xerox multifunction printer (MFP), you can increase productivity by transforming hardcopy documents into usable, structured data. Distributing, editing, repurposing, storing and retrieving your documents electronically makes your organization more productive every day so you can dedicate more time to running your critical business functions.

Converting your paper documents to electronic data:

  • eliminates manual filing which reduces labour and the chance for errors
  • provides peace of mind knowing that your critical information is safe from loss due to disasters and other circumstances beyond your control that can destroy your paper documents
  • allows electronic data to be easily integrated with multiple destinations, seamlessly connecting your data to email, content management systems, fax systems and internal and external clients.

Emailing your scanned documents can also help your bottom line as you eliminate costly shipping charges. And you get the added benefit of helping the environment as reducing the amount of documents you create and ship helps to lower your carbon footprint.

We offer document scanning software to solve a wide variety of business challenges.
Your Business Challenges:

  • Securely sharing information with multiple people
  • Finding a more efficient, less costly alternative to overnight delivery of paper documents
  • Scanning documents directly to your PC desktop where you may edit them
  • Combining hard copy documents with PDFs and Microsoft Office files into a single PDF
  • Easily organizing and finding important information. Manually filing hard copy documents is inefficient
  • Moving information online to protect critical documents from being physically lost or destroyed
  • Converting hard copy documents into searchable PDFs
  • Naming and routing scanned images based on bar code information
  • Tracking information sent for regulatory compliance

Document Composition – Click on this heading to reveal the below copy.

Document composition is the process of dynamically composing documents according to the organization’s specific business requirements. Highly confidential client data is securely transferred and populates your branded templates to create truly one-to-one personalized materials. These types of communications enhance the customer’s experience by ensuring they receive only what is relevant at the time they need it. Furthermore, you benefit by producing and distributing fewer pages of materials.

  • Eliminate your costly pre-printed stationery
  • Enhance your document content
  • Protect & enhance your company brand
  • Reduce your printing costs
  • Integrate with your ERP and CRM systems
  • Provide your business with a Cross-Media platform
  • Improve your Marketing response rates
  • Reach more customers through technology
  • Maximize your printer investment
  • Reduce your mailing costs

Document Management – Click on this heading to reveal the below copy.

  • Reduce your printing costs
  • Reduce your risk of compliancy breach fines
  • Increase your productivity & business process efficiency
  • Reduce your operational costs
  • Maintain your document integrity
  • Improve your document security
  • Reduce your hardcopy storage costs
  • Improve your disaster recovery
  • Reduce your environmental impact

Production Solutions

Workflow Software – Click on this heading to reveal the below copy.

Your business success depends on effective solutions to expand your market reach, efficient work processes to streamline document production, and creative print and electronic offerings that differentiate your company. Award-winning printing and software solutions help you automate your everyday operations, optimise your printing investments, and enable new revenue streams through creative products and services.

Whether your business needs require integration with your existing workflow processes or complete redesign to support new and rapidly changing customer demands, ZenOffice MPS workflow solutions can help you produce more jobs, reduce your costs, delight your customers and grow your business.

Xerox® FreeFlow Core. – Click on this heading to reveal the below copy.

Xerox FreeFlow™ Core automates the process steps required to prepare a job for print. It also supports communication and integration between systems in a production print environment.Workflow software has never been this strong – or this simple – until now.

This browser-based solution intelligently automates and integrates the processing of print jobs, from file preparation to final production, for a touchless workflow that operates easily, adapts effortlessly, scales quickly and delivers consistently. Find out more about Xerox® FreeFlow Core link to PDF click here.

Or view the Xerox® FreeFlow Core video by clicking here.

Xerox ColorQube – Click on this heading to reveal the below copy.

The Xerox ColorQube Product Family saves you money by only charging you for the colour you print. Find out how much your documents could cost by analysing and comparing them with the Xerox 3 Tier-Tool click here