Is it exciting gadgets, astonishing service, competitive costs, or something different?

I had an interesting meeting recently with a potential client; very positive, productive and enlightening. Everything I’d want it to be.

What captured my interest the most was getting to the bottom of what truly mattered to him. It wasn’t the fact that we could provide all singing all dancing technology, reduce his costs and consumables usage, and provide a global service. It was something different.

He was very clear in explaining that the only thing which truly mattered to him was finding a company that will go further than being a provider. He wanted a partner.

I’m not naive, so I realised that of course he’ll have the usual pressures of getting the best possible value for money. But I recognised that he needed a partner big enough to cope yet small enough to care.

I left the meeting feeling completely enthused by his passion to put the right solution in place. Hopefully that’ll be us. With our core foundations being excellence, honesty, trust, transparency and reliability, we tick all the right boxes for him.

Regardless of the outcome it was great to meet someone who was looking for everything we build our business around – someone who understands the value of a great partnership.


Scott Walker, Head of Business Development at ZenOffice Managed Print Services