Zen Gateway

Using innovative software to provide a tailored solution

Zen Gateway is a bespoke software solution for your business needs. As a team of experienced professionals, we’re dedicated in ensuring our customers are up to speed with the latest technology and software that’s available to them.


Print Management from FollowMe to rules and routing

Print management software is a system designed for the effective management and optimisation of print devices and related processes. 

        • Print management is useful in the administration of volume and nature of print materials.
        • It also provides options for user authentication for accessing printers and other document print services.
        • It controls the print queues and provides secure methods of printing.


Document Management Intelligent document storage and retrieval

Document management is a platform that looks after the storage, archiving and retrieval of documents within an organisation. 

        • This incorporates the secure storage of documents in an encrypted digital vault so crucial data cannot get into the wrong hands.
        • Document management controls how documents are accessed, ensuring those that should have access do and that it’s convenient and effective.


Scanning & Workflow I-OCR scanning and business process automation

More compliant Scanning & Workflow software is designed to automate and simplify the process of turning physical paper documents into digital ones.

        • This incorporates data capture through optical character recognition, barcode reading, process map workflow automation, pushing data into back-end systems and document conversion.
        • Scanning & Workflow allows businesses to spend less time inputting data and sorting documents and more time on the important tasks.


Document Handling Digitise documents and maximise efficiency

Document Handling packages help business manage their mail and post rooms to better make use of the most appropriate devices at the right time. 

        • Document handling ensures users within your organisation can submit jobs to the print room in an effective way and better manage the way inbound and outbound mail is handled.
        • It also makes the most of postal discounts, printing efficiencies and enabling the mail and print room staff to better focus their time and energy.


Zen Gateway License Packages

ConnectKeyXerox ConnectKey TechnologyOut of the box solutions available to customers with Xerox ConnectKey devices.
EssentialsZen Gateway Essentials PackageThe must-have bundle of solution enhancements.
ProfessionalZen Gateway Professional PackageAdvanced solution package for SME to corporate customers.
EnterpriseZen Gateway Enterprise PackageLarge scale package designed to enhance a managed print solution across a corporate organisation.


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